Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no ride this morning. whatta terd i am, i didn't hear any of my alarms. i need to ride... i got re-fit and new shims and soles in my shoes. i needa see if i ride and don't hurt myself. 

i also managed to lose my driver's license to the depths of my life this week.
it's been awhile since i lost anything important so i guess i can't be too upset.
only it did prevent me from going to roy's last night. booh.

i have a mini-earache. weird.

i found this and i like it: "go make a life, not a living."

so i get calls. i have a $500 credit card fail that went to a collection agency. so sue me (hahhah). i'm not $26,946,702 in debt or anything. but it's all very confusing to me. i don't even want to answer because apparently they pay some law firm to call and say he's from a law office as a way to scare people into paying. i can give them the principal amount. i just don't know who to give it to. hummmm.

also, i'm a big fan of jay-z's song "empire state of mind". win.

don fired kyle and charlie today? weird. i don't even know.

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